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07 July 2015 @ 11:32 pm
eng OH GOOD LORD LOOK AT ALL THE DUST. between being busy as hell and losing all inspiration and being sucked into a new shiny fandom AND WRITING! MAN I HAVENT WRITTEN IN AGES I'm not really iconning much. BUT, I had a battle pending with shameless666 & julie_izumi about IN THE FLESH. AND LOOKIE. WE ARE DONE (this was supposed to be done before, ITS ALL MY FAULT!). AND ITS SO AMAZING AND IM SO HAPPY THEY LET ME DO THIS WITH THEM. THANK YOU.

Anyway, I collected some random names/things/quotes/etc related to the series, and we used those names to pick 3 caps & 2 themes each! So there's a totaly of 9 caps & 6 themes :D This was really fun and very challenging. ITF caps are not easy, but it was still a blast, and I'm really happy with the results because you guys are awesome and \o/!

Anyway, I'll update the posts links once they have their posts up, so you can go gush them :DDD

esp. toy muy lazy pa explicar todo, pero hicimos battle, y aquí hay icons de tres personas. y cuantos más icons de itf haya en el mundo, más feliz seré :DDD

total of 45 icons (15 each!!)

... ...

what we did in out untreated state was totally out faultCollapse )

remember to go:

remember to tag the right maker ;DD

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- \o/
06 May 2015 @ 02:49 pm
eng remember me? hai! i'm pretty sure there's only a few people form the icon community around and no one else, but, hey I'm here. I've been extremelly busy, but sometimes IDK, I get all nostalgic and still do a thing or two, so considering this consists of 4 month of doing... it's quite small. And kinda very rusty. Which is sorta the reason I made an effort to take part in t_r, because everything is all over the place in this post. And btw, it was such an amazing competition, congrats to everybody :D.

IN ANY CASE, must be said rec: please WATCH THE FOSTERS.

esp no sé si queda alguien del fandom español, pero como igual les linkearé por otros lados se enterarán igual, y yo soy cabezota y aquí estoy anyway. los tiempos ya no son los de antes y coff. aparentmnt estoy escribiendo again? coff así que bueno, esto es pequeño, y no muy bueno, pero tiene de todo un poquito. y espero que haya algo rescatable :DDD

32 multifandom icons.
fandoms: the fosters (WITH SPOILERS till 2x21) (16+1), daredevil (5), agent carter (3), musketeers (2), utopia (2+1), in the flesh (1+1), orphan black (1)


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eng hai. hello. i'm alive! This has been a crazy year, and tbh I think I have managed to icon more than expected. I'm not really happy with this batch as a whole, it's has some that have been around because of challenges (also, new musketeerstills challenge!) and some that i've been collecting in my folder since fucking august! But anyway, time to clean and have a new start! (ps. WATCH IN THE FLESH AND GLUE THANKS. utopia got cancelled let me cryyy)

[Also, thank you very muuuuuch for this:]

Thank you! And thanks for the other noms, and congrats to everybody because so well deserved wins and everything ♥!

esp vivooo! Ha sido un año un poco mierda en cuanto a tiempos y esas cosas, y realmente creo que he logrado hacer más gráficos y cosas de las esperadas (como escribir fic); pero bueno, se acaba el año y mejor limpiar y emepzar de nuevo considerando que vengo con esta carpeta desde agosto! :DDD Espero que gusten :D (miren ITF Y GLUE GRACIAS).

49 multifandom icons.
fandoms: in the flesh (20), glue (8), orphan black (6), how to get away with murder (4), utopia (3), the musketeers (3), doctor who (2), legend of the seeker (1), nikita (1), agent carter (1)


well if you live long enough you'll see all sortsCollapse )

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02 August 2014 @ 04:18 pm
eng *dusts off* EHM. HAI. I know I've been promising one of this entries for a long time, but hell, life has been hectic so there hasn't been much room for icons. Actually, I mostly puked this in the last... week, or two days lol. I'm still a bit rusty (the older ones being the ones I like the less of course) but hey, I managed to do enough for a post :DD

In any case, I managed to watch In the flesh, and I'm pretty much life obsessed with it. If you haven't watched it, please do. There's a few spoilers for the second series on this too. AND MAN I NEED TO KNOW THERES GONNA BE A THIRD OR ILL CRY FOREVER. ANYWAY. HAI. (I'll probs dissapear again, and so sosorry if that happens :( ).

esp diría que limpio un poco, pero la verdad es que he posteado fics en español, so nada, uds están en el sector bonito de esta comu XD. EN FIN, he hecho icons, de alguna forma lo he logrado y aunque aun estoy en fase COMO FUNCIONA PHOTOSHOP DE NUEVO, pues, idk, hay post :D Que a su vez, está totalmnt sponsoreado por mi terrible obsesión con In the flesh (que sé que la mayoría ha visto y si no han visto, DEBEIS. GRACIAS). Also, ya ue estoy, in the flesh feeeeeees.

En fin, espero que gusten :D

32 (tri)multifandom icons. XD
fandoms: in the flesh (22), orphan black (10), utopia (4)
all contain spoilers for their respective second series~


there's what i believe and there's icons~Collapse )

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26 July 2014 @ 11:33 pm
I'm very sorry for the whole IVE BEEN ABSOLUTEY OUT thing, I've been making some icons, not many but some, and hopefully I'll be able to add a few more soon to be able to make a post. RL has been busy as HELL, and well, it was supposed to get a lil lighter, let me emphasize: SUPPOSED. So, anyway, I'm alive and hope to post soon :(


No hago icons, suficientes al menos (espero tener un pequeño post pronto tho), pero me consumo por nuevos fandoms. Me he devorado la serie en el poco rato libre que he conseguido, y he sufrido mucho y no hay casi fic de nada. Y esto no es que se pueda considerar fic siquiera pero no sé, escribir un parrafo me es un parto. So, algo es algo.
pd. bonus amy dyer, porque me gusta pasar vergüenza

Fandom: in the flesh (consumida me hallo)
Título: ida y vuelta
Personajes: Kieren (Kieren&AmyBDFF, Simon, Jem)
Palabras: 865
Resumen: Tras el spoiler cut: [spoilers]Amy visita a Kieren en sueños. Eso es todo. ¿eso es el fic? Un poco de reflexión de la relación Amy/Kieren ubicado post 2x06.
Notas: Mirando tumblr y ahogandome en sentimientos, me vino una imagen que aunque intenté no soy capaz de dibujar. De allí nació esto, no es mucha cosa, más que vomitar sentimientos. QUIERO COSITAS FANDOM. *GRABBY HANDS*
also ao3 link~

ida y vueltaCollapse )