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02 August 2014 @ 04:18 pm
[icons] in the flesh, orphan black, utopia  
eng *dusts off* EHM. HAI. I know I've been promising one of this entries for a long time, but hell, life has been hectic so there hasn't been much room for icons. Actually, I mostly puked this in the last... week, or two days lol. I'm still a bit rusty (the older ones being the ones I like the less of course) but hey, I managed to do enough for a post :DD

In any case, I managed to watch In the flesh, and I'm pretty much life obsessed with it. If you haven't watched it, please do. There's a few spoilers for the second series on this too. AND MAN I NEED TO KNOW THERES GONNA BE A THIRD OR ILL CRY FOREVER. ANYWAY. HAI. (I'll probs dissapear again, and so sosorry if that happens :( ).

esp diría que limpio un poco, pero la verdad es que he posteado fics en español, so nada, uds están en el sector bonito de esta comu XD. EN FIN, he hecho icons, de alguna forma lo he logrado y aunque aun estoy en fase COMO FUNCIONA PHOTOSHOP DE NUEVO, pues, idk, hay post :D Que a su vez, está totalmnt sponsoreado por mi terrible obsesión con In the flesh (que sé que la mayoría ha visto y si no han visto, DEBEIS. GRACIAS). Also, ya ue estoy, in the flesh feeeeeees.

En fin, espero que gusten :D

32 (tri)multifandom icons. XD
fandoms: in the flesh (22), orphan black (10), utopia (4)
all contain spoilers for their respective second series~


in the flesh






orphan black





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- \o/
[c]: in the flesh [c]nyaza on November 9th, 2014 07:51 pm (UTC)
wow. thank you for such a loveeely and detailed comment ♥ Makes em happy that you like them <3 (sp. 7, since I'm still in a "don't know how i feel about you" state. tee!) BUT THANK YOU ♥